Where to Find the Most Attractive Art Galleries
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If you love art and you want to see everything you can in order to satisfy your passion then what we recommend you to do is to visit as many art galleries as you can. These places will not only help you disconnect from the outside world and relax, but they will also help you improve your knowledge regarding this area of interest. Thailand is an extraordinary country from many points of view, but especially because it has some amazing art galleries with famous and gorgeous pieces of art. Here is what we recommend to you.

Gallery Seescape

The wonderful mind behind the Gallery Seescape is the Thai artist Torlarp Larpjaroensook. This location is not only serving as an art gallery but as a café as well. Visitors can enjoy the art and also a delicious coffee. Seescape can be found in Chiang Mai, and it is opened every day of the week.

Kalwit Studio & Gallery

This location was originally the home of Wal Chirachaisakul, a very famous Thai artist, which later transformed this place into a unique hangout spot for art connoisseurs. This gallery is very popular with visitors from every corner of the country. You can enjoy a good coffee in the lovely outdoor area especially destined for drinks and snacks. This art gallery is located in Bangkok and it is opened from Thursday to Saturday.

Sangdee Art Gallery & Café

The Sangdee Art Gallery displays only amazing work of local artists and sometimes holds some interesting workshops which attract not only locals but tourists as well. The place is run by a non-profit foundation, and it can be visited on every day of the week except Mondays. Anyone who is interested in art should visit the Sangdee Art Gallery and also stop for a coffee or a drink at the café.

Arts Gallery and War Museum

The City of Kanchanaburi is not only great for a short vacation, but it also has a few beautiful art galleries that you must not miss. The one we chose to mention in this article is the most popular one. As the name says it is a combination of beautiful photographs taken during World War 2 and artifacts. Anyone who visits this place can also see the Death Railway Bridge from the inside. Make sure you go to this place during the week, as it is closed on all weekends.

100 Tonson Gallery

Local artists and international as well have some amazing work which is displayed at the 100 Tonson Gallery. The contemporary art that is exposed here is absolutely amazing. Since this location is in Bangkok, which is a very touristic city, it is visited by people all over the world. This is what we suggest you do as well, in case you plan to visit this vibrant and extraordinary Thai metropolis. An afternoon spent at this interesting gallery will certainly help you relax and enjoy to the fullest the beautiful pieces of art. Therefore, make sure you don’t miss the 100 Tonson Gallery from Bangkok.