Photography Exhibitions in Bangkok in 2018
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Photography is a lot more appreciated nowadays than it was in the past. That’s why many people all over the world choose to make a career out of this. Thailand is one of the countries that have lots of professional photographers that have taken over time incredibly beautiful photos, photographs that are displayed in exhibitions all over the country. If this subject is very interesting to you, then you will certainly find very interesting our article, as we are going to show you some wonderful photography exhibitions in Bangkok in 2018 that you must not miss.

Bangkok CityCity Gallery

This contemporary art gallery is a must-see location for anyone who is interested in photography. The location is in the Sathorn district of Bangkok and it displays work by local artists in different forms, not only photography. You will also see amazing paintings, sculptures, and live performance. The welcoming presence of the CityCity Gallery invites visitors to enter and have a close look at the latest exhibitions.

Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

This is another must-see location that has plenty of amazing photographs taken by famous photographers. More than this, you can also admire other pieces of art from categories such as music, film, and theatre. This cultural center is placed right in the heart of the city, very close to the National Stadium BTS. Entry is free and the location is opened from 10:00 AM until 21:00 PM, from Tuesday until Sunday. All in all, the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre is certainly worth dedicating at least one hour for a visit.

Moca-Museum of Contemporary Art

At Moca, you will also find a very interesting and provocative photography exhibition, not to mention the wonderful paintings and sculptures that this place displays. Take your time and enjoy everything that is here. The museum is closed on Mondays, but the rest of the week is opened from 10:00 AM to 18:00 PM. Here is the most comprehensive collection of modern art from the areas we mentioned earlier.

Cho Why Bangkok

If you love photography and you want to learn more about this area of interest, then we recommend you to go to Cho Why art gallery. The exhibition from here is simply amazing. From time to time, Cho Why hosts fun events such as street entertainment and film screenings. We recommend you to visit their Facebook page for upcoming events.

100 Tonson Art Gallery

Most of the art galleries in this metropolis have more than just photography exhibitions. The 100 Tonson Art Gallery is located in a private residence, and it covers an area of not more and not less than 100 square meters. The gallery promotes the contemporary art scene and it displays wonderful artworks by Thai and many famous international artists, including sculptures and paintings, installations, conceptual-based art, not only photographs. We think that you must not omit to visit this place, especially if you are passionate about photography. Just make sure you go there from Thursday to Sunday, as the other days of the week the gallery is closed.