Best Places to Take Photos in Thailand
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Anyone who loves photography knows how important it is to choose a very beautiful place in order to take some extraordinary shots. There are many amazing places in the world but we would like to recommend you, Thailand. Here, the views look like they are surreal, and you will certainly take some splendid photographs, no matter if you are professional or just passionate about photography. Therefore, take a close look at the following best places to take photos in Thailand.

The Great Holy Relics Pagodas

This is an amazing Temple complex, located in the beautiful Mountains of Doi Inthanon National Park. The position is perfect as you will be able to catch both the wonderful sunrise and sunset. The time of day offers different results. Furthermore, there is also an excellent view of the landscape. On a clear day, you will be able to photograph the entire landscape all the way to Myramar. You should go to the Great Holy Relics Pagodas if you really want to photograph something really special.

Charlie Beach

This tranquil island is not perfect only for relaxation but for photography as well. Many professional photographers all over the world choose Charlie Beach for taking some amazing photos which are going to be later an important part of their portfolio. Therefore, you should do the same, if you really want to be the best.

Lat Pho Park

If you would like to take some fantastic urban photographs, then we recommend you to go to Lat Pho Park. The Bhumibol Bridge is a massive structure very nicely illuminated, that must certainly be photographed in the night. The whole area has many beautiful buildings with fantastic architecture which you should photograph at different times of day in order to obtain various results. You never know which shot is the best until you have actually tried all the possibilities.

White Temple, Wat Rong Kun

This temple is relatively new in Thailand. However, it looks without a doubt absolutely spectacular. The beautiful glittering decorations and the complex architecture make this temple a must-see attraction and also a great opportunity for all photographers to take some amazing shots. Make sure you do not omit to photograph it on the inside as well.

Sunrise in Rural Thailand

Anyone who is interested in photography will definitely find this place incredibly beautiful. The paddy fields located in northern rural Thailand, right in the middle of nowhere look stunning. For some spectacular photographs, wait until the sun starts to rise above them so that you can catch that golden-orange magical color. Of course, you can take photos at any time of the day you want, but this time is perfect for those beautiful colors, colors that you will not be able to catch anymore during the day. This place is also perfect for relaxation and you should also try to have a vacation in this tranquil location in order to completely recharge your batteries. We strongly recommend you to do so and you will see that we were right advising you this way.