Bangkok or London – Which One Offers the Best Urban Photos
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If you are a professional photographer or just a photography enthusiast who focuses his attention on urban photos, then the good news is that there are plenty of amazing cities where you can take some incredible shots. However, we are going to discuss in this article about two of them, Bangkok and London, and we hope that one of these locations will offer you exactly what you want.


We have chosen these metropolitan cities due to the fact that they are absolutely amazing from many points of view. First of all, they have many buildings with stunning architecture, there are many skyscrapers, vibrant lights and nightlife, and extremely busy places with people of all nationalities. Most professional urban photographers want to catch in their photos, different people, and that’s why the busiest cities in the world are highly recommended for this type of goal. London, as well as Bangkok, are  extremely diverse from this point of view, and no matter how many pictures you will take, they will all certainly be very different. As mentioned earlier in our article, the buildings are quite impressive in both cities. In Bangkok, you can find not only buildings with contemporary architecture but buildings with a traditional architecture as well. There are many temples that are absolutely wonderful and which are photographed all year round by photographers all over the world. Unfortunately, you will not find anything similar in London, although you can take some great shots of the English churches which have a very special and unique architecture. What we also recommend you to do in London, beside photos, is to hire an escort : . Not only a London escort will be a great company during your stay, but she can also show you the cities and its most amazing locations. Therefore, make sure you keep this tip in mind.


On the other hand, if you want to photograph people and the lifestyle in both these cities, we are sure that each of them will offer you something spectacular. No matter the time, the streets in Bangkok and London are very busy and people of all ages and nationalities walk around. The restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and shopping centers are also quite crowded every day, and any photographer will be able to catch in his photos the life in these metropolitan cities. What we like the most about London is the central area where the River Thames provides some amazing views together with the massive London Bridge and Big Ben. Furthermore, all the restaurants, pubs, and coffee shops full of people create an excellent picture for anyone who is passionate about photography. When it comes to Bangkok, in this place we strongly recommend you to take some photos of the city’s nightlife, which is extremely vibrant and stunning. The floating market is also another great place for photographers, and so it is the Chinatown. You should also not miss the Khao San Road in the Old City and Soi Cowboy. From some points of view, London and Bangkok are very similar, but from others, they are very different. Depending on what you actually want as a photographer, you can choose one location or the other.


No matter what city you will actually choose, London or Bangkok, we are sure that your photos will be absolutely spectacular. As a recommendation, make sure you also look for some secret locations of these cities where you can take some unique pictures.